Haris Rauf was 'scared' in the timed out shown by Bangladesh

Haris Rauf was ‘scared’ in the timed out shown by Bangladesh

There are countless rules within the boundaries of cricket, many of which are unknown. Or out of use. Same is the case with Timed Out. Bangladesh is using it in international cricket. This time Pakistani cricketer Haris Rauf has entered the field without pads for fear of getting out.

Saturday (December 23) at 10:30 am, Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder entered the field in Australia’s Big Bash Cricket. Haris Rauf did a strange thing to avoid being timed out in the match. He came out to bat without pads. He didn’t even have time to wear gloves and a helmet.

Basically Melbourne’s batting started to fall very quickly towards the end of the innings. Haris Rauf did not get enough time to wear cricket equipment. At that time, the issue of timed out must have been on his mind. As a result, he has to enter the field without wearing pads in a hurry. Even hand gloves and head helmet have to be worn while standing on the wicket. A video of that moment has become a viral topic on social media.

On this side, Haris did not get a chance to play any ball even though he came to the field in this way in the match. He was basically on the non-strike side. And in this match his team lost by 5 wickets.

Incidentally, Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka by 3 wickets in the 38th match of the World Cup in Delhi on November 6. However, Angelo Mathews’ ‘timed out’ overshadowed the results of that match. Such an out has not been seen before in international cricket. Discussion and criticism started after this out by Bangladesh came in front of everyone. However, this out happened several times later on the road shown by Bangladesh.


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